Colombia produces more washed arabica coffee than any other country. Unfortunately, they've gone the route of higher-yield varieties, so the overall quality is not nearly as high as it once was. Still, if one is willing to work at finding some special lots, it's possible to get very decent Colombian coffee. The good examples are full-bodied and have a well-balanced flavor. You won't find the sparkling acidity that many other coffees display or some of the unusual (and exquisite) flavors, but Colombian coffee is a good, all-around coffee--with full body; good, balanced acidity; and a sweet, rounded flavor that leaves a very nice aftertaste.

Lately expert buyers including those at have been buying a very flavorful Colombian coffee from the southern province of Huila. This is one region of the country which still grows the old, traditional coffee variety called typica in favor of the newer hybrids. For real coffee lovers it's very encouraging that enough growers there still believe in quality to enable quality-conscious buyers to find acceptable lots. It's hoped that supporting these efforts will provide incentive for other producers to return to the old varieties that established Colombian coffee's reputation in the first place.