Java is synonymous with coffee--rich, smooth and full-bodied. This island in Indonesia has been producing fine estate-grown coffee for 300 years since the Dutch East India Company brought seeds from either Ceylon or the Malabar Coast of India.

The best Java coffee is grown on the far eastern end of the island on five estates which were started by the Dutch government. Now they are run by a bureau of the Indonesian government, and it must be admitted that at times there is a greater focus on quantity than quality. However, careful selection can result in a coffee which is still reminiscent of the "Javas" of old. ("Blue Java" referred to Java coffees processed by the washed method on the old Dutch estates. This process produced coffee beans with a deep blue-green color, which was highly sought in Northern Europe.) The body is thick and syrupy and the flavor has exquisite acid balance to complement hints of smoky bittersweet chocolate. It's a thoroughly pleasant coffee to drink alone and a perfect complement to Arabian Mocha Sanani in the classic Mocha-Java blend.