Death Cream Coffee

Prepare the coffee:
• Brew 12 double espresso shots over one cup of ice.
• Brew 16 ounces of strong coffee over one cup of ice.
• Combine the two coffees in a pitcher and chill
Prepare the Vanilla Cream:
Use the ingredients in this list:
• 32 ounces half and half
• 3 Madagascar Vanilla beans
• 8 ounces sugar cubes
• 16 ounces milk
Scrape the vanilla beans into the half and half and milk in a large steel pitcher. Froth using the steam wand, until is hot and steaming. Let the milk chill in the refrigerator.
After all ingredients have cooled down, pour coffee and cream, according to your taste. Serve over ice in juice glasses.
Tips and tricks:
Brewing over ice cools down the coffee fast, so it can’t oxidize. Cold coffee oxidizes slower than hot coffee.
Booze it up:
Add a little Kahlua liqueur, or a little Baileys for a cocktail like feeling. If you booze it up, drink responsibly.
Decorate the glass:
Rim your glass with ground coffee and sugar crystals. In a plate pour some honey, and flip the glass up, dipping the rim in the honey. In a separate plate, prepare a mix of ground coffee, (or cocoa powder), with sugar crystals. After dipping in the honey plate, dip the sticky rim into the garnish to coat it.

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