Cappuccino Mix Recipe

1/2 cup water
2-3 tablespoons freshly ground coffee
1 1/2 cups skimmed milk
chocolate powder, to garnish


Use stove-top espresso maker and pour water into base.

Place freshly ground coffee into the filter. Place espresso maker over medium heat.

Meanwhile, slowly heat skimmed milk, but do not let boil.

Place hot milk into a cafetiere and pump at least 10 times until you have a nice froth on your milk (about half and half).

Take two coffee cups and rinse with hot water to warm them up, pour espresso into the cups and carefully pour the milk (not the froth).

Top with froth. If you're a kitchen expert you can try to make some nice looking adornments with the froth. I never managed to do so, but it definitely looks nice!

Sprinkle with chocolate powder.

To make a perfect cappuccino, you should have a even mix espresso, milk and froth.

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