Capuccino Marroc

For 1 person

20 gr de Dulce de leche (jam of milk 100% argentinian ;-))
Foam Milk
1/2 Oz. of Bailey's
ground almonds

Mix bailey's and the jam of milk in a little shot glass.stir well.
put in a mugg. Classic capuccino glass.
Put the mix in the glass, then the hot milk; and with the cofee,over a spoon put the expresso.
This will separate the cofee and the milk. Top with the foam milk, a lot of foam milk, understand?!.
Drop some lines with the rest of the mix with bailey's and make a little rain with ground almonds.
You must see the photo!!!!
Search the Capuccino Marroc!!!
We MaDe It In Ushuaia!!!!The end of the world!!!


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