Caffe Latte

A caffe latte is literally a “milky coffee” - espresso with both a steamed milk and milk froth.

A key part of the the traditional Italian breakfast where they are served in a bowl accompanied by your favorite pastry or biscotti, you are unlikely to see caffe lattes severed in Italian cafes except to foreigners.

Caffe latte and it’s variation the flat white are today two of the most popular espresso coffee drinks served from cafe’s and Office Coffee Machines throughout Australia.

Caffe Latte Australian Version
Extract 30mls of espresso into lattee glass
Pour creamy textured milk into glass leaving 1cm of foam
draw crema to the surface of the coffee

8oz cup - 1 shot of coffee
12oz cup - 2 shots of coffee
16oz cup - 3 shots of coffee

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