Old-Fashioned Campfire Coffee

Ever wonder why coffee always taste so good when it was made
over a campfire?

The secret is whole eggs. This includes the shells which gives
coffee that rich flavor. It makes getting up in the morning in
the outdoors a pleasure. With the pure, fresh water of the
mountain stream, coffee reaches its height.

1 cup ground coffee
2 eggs
1-1/2 - cups cold water
12 cups freshly boiled water
1/4 - teaspoon salt

1. Wash eggs, break shells, and beat slightly.

2. Put 1-cup cold water and eggs in large coffeepot and mix.

3. Add salt and coffee grounds.

4. Pour boiling water into pot onto coffee grounds and stir.

5. Cover pot and stuff the spout.

6. Put over fire or on store, over direct heat.

7. When the coffee comes to a boil, let simmer 3-minutes.

8. Pour in 1/2-cup cold water to settle grounds. Let stand 1-minute, and serve.

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