Quick 5 Minute Iced Mocha/Vanilla Frappacino

This is so simple to make, and tastes delicious. Good for a late night, or mid-afternoon pick me up.


- ice

- blender (any)

- coffee

- whole milk

- heavy cream/light cream

- sugar

*optional* french vanilla creamer


- Make about 3-4 cups of coffee in your conventional coffee machine. You should generally make it a bit stronger than what you would usually drink, seeing as it will be diluted with the other substances.

- Have a blender nearby, in which you will put all of the ingredients in.


- Fill the blender container almost half way with ice cubes.

- Pour the coffee over the ice cubes, if the blender's container becomes near 75% filled, be sure to empty out some of the coffee.

- Carefully add some whole milk, until the coffee turns a nice beige color.

- Add a splash of either heavy or light cream, depending on your preference.

- Add about 1/4 cup of vanilla flavored creamer (if you want mocha, just leave this part out)

- Add about a half cup of sugar

- Blend for about 5 minutes straight, switching from low speed to high, and then eventually back to low.

- Pour into a cup, and enjoy.

*Note*If the frappacino is too chunky, resembling a slushie substance, you should add a little more coffee, and blend it for another 5 minutes.


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