Tips on How to Brew Coffee at Home

General Tips on the best way to brew coffee at home?

1. Always use freshly-roasted Transcend coffee beans, which are ground (preferably in a burr grinder) just before brewing.
2. Use the correct grind for your specific brewer. Too fine a grind causes a bitter brew, while too coarse causes watery coffee.
3. Begin with one standard coffee measure (2 tablespoons) of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. This means that you need 11 tablespoons of coffee for every litre of water. Once you have tried this, you can adjust your brew to suit your personal tastes.
4. Whenever possible, use fresh, filtered water free from taints and odors. Do not used distilled water as coffee does perform best with some mineral content in the water.
5. We recommend brewing coffee at home with a French press or a manual pour-over cone filter coffee maker where you are in control of the water temperature. The water needs to be at around 200 Ė 202 degrees (just off a rolling boil) F to properly extract the desired coffee oils in the grounds. Unfortunately very few retail coffee makers achieve this optimal brewing temperature. Whenever possible, avoid percolators and electric brewers with a brewing cycle longer than 6 minutes. Any brew cycle longer than 6 minutes results in over-extraction and causes the coffee to go bitter.
6. Finally, share your amazing home brewed Transcend coffee with friends. As we all know, coffee provides some stimulation with the caffine and it has also always been the fuel which fires great conversation. If you donít have any friends to invite over, drop by the shop and enjoy good coversation with us.

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