Satan's Espresso / Satan's Coffee

Ingredients :

Powdered ginger
Sweetened whipped cream
Very fine sugar (Satan's Espresso)
Honey (Satan's Coffee)

Satan's Espresso
Use the portafilter with the double basket and grind some beans into it (half of the basket). Distribute the grounds so it's nice and even.

Sprinkle a little powdered ginger on the ground coffee, add a teaspoon full of sugar. Then grind more coffee to fill the basket up.

Even the grounds again and tamp as you normally would do.

Now prepare the espresso as you would do a double.

Serve with some sweetened whipped cream on a separate saucer.

Satan's Coffee
For 1 cup use 2 large spoons of ground coffee and add the ginger powder. Do not add the sugar. Make coffee like you normally would.

Now put a little honey in the cups and pour the hot coffee. Add the whipped cream on top of the coffee

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